Celebration of Cultural Excellence

Please join the Juneteenth RI Celebration of Cultural Excellence as we honor 5 individuals and an organization for their accomplishments and community impact.

  • Humanitarian – Gloria Johnson
  • Legendary Entertainer – Irving Washington III
  • Visual Arts – Justin Case
  • Outstanding Business – Jennifer Freitas
  • Educator Excellence – Matthew Buchanan
  • Community Organization Excellence – Chad Brown Alumni Assoc/ North End Outreach


Phone: (401) 288-7864 | Email:


***Juneteenth RI Celebration 2019 ❤🖤💚

God deserves the credit first. From day one I started with prayer. 🙌🙌

I made a promise to myself and us (secretly) that we will never go another year without celebrating US! I prayed y’all! From day one doors were opened. The black community should be proud. You guys showed up and showed out!!!! After 2:50pm all I saw were streams of people hugging, kissing, babies playing, dancing, laughing, eating, and converSATING! I’m crying as I write this because I’m happy.

Thank “USE” 😳😳

M-j Schenck and Kobi Dennis for introducing me to Juneteenth over a year ago when we tried to do this in 2018. 🙌🙌 It stuck with me!!!

Mount Hope N A…THANK YOU. You don’t get enough credit or support! This is your year!

Nirva Rebecca LaFortune who helped connect me to a grant when I reached out for help. 😘😘

Heather Marie for posting “ARE WE HAVING EMANCIPATION THIS YEAR?” I inboxed you and asked for help with a grant and you jumped on board even though you/we had no real experience in grant writing. We kept each other encouraged as we met to discuss next steps before forming a committee. We discussed a GoFundMe, social media platforms and tshirts!

GOFUNDME DONORS…once I put that fundraiser up, in minutes you all began donating. From there, I knew we would raise enough money to have OUR event. We did this y’all!!!

Pamela Hughes, Lisa Scorpio, Keiojfa Hie, Monica Tchakmakian, Angel Cooper…you ladies jumped on board when we put out a call for committee members. The first time we had a meeting I knew we had a dream team.

Michelle Lacey…my cousin/friend…came to the wrong meeting and from there was on board without missing a beat. We still laugh at this. God’s will!

Sharon Morris…thank you to Omni Development Corp for being our first donor! You all “wowed” us!!!

Jim Vincent…I reached out to you support and you all didn’t hesitate to honor our request. I felt proud…a black org such as the NAACP supporting us made more sense than anything else!

Justin Case for being our photographer. You’re a blessing! Thanks for loving us!!!

Delta Sigma Theta Sororiry, Inc.!!! You guys rolled in DEEP! ❤❤❤🙌

Omni Development Corporation
NAACP Providence Branch
The City of Providence Arts Culture and Tourism
Excell Construction Corporation
United Way of Rhode Island
Job Corps Exeter
City Councilman Luis A. Aponte
Mayor Jorge Elorza
City Council President Sabina Matos

Thank you Mayor Elorza, Council President Sabina Matos and Council Woman Nirva LaFortune for taking the time to come speak and showing love to the people!

Apostle Sherrod Jones for opening in prayer. I’m proud to call you my friend!

Juan Wilson for our Website…you made us official. Now I (proudly and gladly).have the task of keeping it updated and.popping!!!

Gerald Perkins…thank you 😉😉

VENDORS…thank you. I pray you all.did well yesterday <3

Michael Dorsey – Stephens…Providence Recreation Department…Thank you guys for everything!!!!

Edward Cooper…your Security company was on point!!! #DalemSecurity

Gabrielle QuEen
Gregorio Daniels
Melodie Thompson W.A.R.Dance Corp
Ana Paola Songs
Damon Gomes
Gerald Perkins
Ed OG Boston
Refined Threeonethree
Chachi Carvalho
Nyisha Conry Siliya
Jay Lew
NiLa SeventyEight

Sharon Ladyruck Ashley…you jumed in without hesitation. Thank you honey 😘😘. You rocked!
Lad Dennis-Lopes…I love you! We go WAYYYY BACK!!!
Providence is blessed to have you two here representing the music and comedy scene. Hopefully you’ll do a FAMILY FRIENDLY set next year. 🤔

Jaychele Schenck…thanks for reaching out to me and being willing to read “What is Juneteenth”

Pilar Mccloud…thanks for sending A Sweet Creation Youth put to help volunteer. xoxo

I think that’s it…wait a minute..Tyrone Dukes…you are a Dope husband 😘😘

If I forgot anyone, please forgive me.

You all showed up…it was so good to see you all hanging out. ➡️ We LOVE you and we have your backs ⬅️

JuneteenthRI ❤🖤💚